Mwea Rice Mills Ltd (MRM) is a subsidiary of the National Irrigation Authority. The rice mill is a limited liability company jointly owned by the Irrigation Authority (55%) and Mwea rice farmers through Mwea Rice Growers Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited (MRGM) (45%).

Mwea Rice Mills Ltd dates back to May 1967 where it was incorporated in Kenya to operate as the main rice mill at Mwea Irrigation Scheme with its major function being storage, milling and marketing of rice from the Irrigation Scheme. Initially at the time of incorporation, the installed milling equipment comprised of four mills of a total rated capacity of 15 tons per hour on paddy basis which was enough to process the entire paddy produced in the scheme. However, in the early 1990s the grain sector including rice was liberalized. With this development, MRM was left to compete with other millers for paddy purchase and milling services to date.

Core Functions of MRM:

  • Buying, processing and sales of Rice.
  • Sales rice by-products.
  • Commercial milling services to farmers and traders.
  • Buying and selling of Paddy.

Current prices are as follows:

I.1 Aromatic Pishori Kshs 200 per Kg
I.2 Broken Rice Kshs 50 per kg
I.3 Rice Bran Kshs 16 per kg
I.4 Husks Kshs 2,000 per 7 tons

Currently the mill has 2 modern milling lines installed by the Irrigation Authority management in 2014. Each of these mills has a rated capacity of 2.5 metric tons per hour complete with a color sorter. MRM is committed to quality; ensuring that the distinctive aroma of Pishori rice is celebrated by Kenyans over generations. The core businesses of the company are;


Mwea Rice Mills
P.O Box 80


  • MRM factory, located in Wangúru town Kirinyaga county
  • NIA Headquarter; Unyunyizi House, Lenana road, Nairobi
  • MRM retail shop in Wang’uru, along Nairobi – Embu highway

Mwea Rice Mills