Mwea Irrigation Agricultural Development Center

MIAD center located in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kirinyaga County, was established in 1991 through a technical cooperation program between the Governments of Kenya and the Government of Japan as a center for irrigation technology development and transfer.

It has since become the main research and training station on irrigated agriculture in Kenya.

Research Activities

Technologies developed and rolled out to Mwea and other Schemes to-date include:

  • On farm water management techniques,
  • Wetland preparation techniques,
  • Rice husbandry techniques and
  • Multiple (double) cropping techniques.

Other Areas of Specialization

In addition, the Centre specializes in the following:

  • Rice germplasm maintenance
  • Rice seed production
  • Soil, water and plant tissue analysis
  • Specialized in-house trainings related to irrigation management