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The workplace is one of the places where people gather and assume a similar identity to serve. National values help us adopt shared values, challenges and opportunities with the hope and trust of reciprocity.
Embracing national values helps curb the socio-cultural, political and economic challenges we face when we come together. In this Issue, we focus on Human Rights and Non-discrimination.

Human Rights refer to essential God-given freedoms and privileges to enjoy fully by all people as they get equal protection by the law. As stipulated in the Kenyan Constitution, 2010, every citizen has the right to life, freedom of expression, health, housing, freedom from hunger, social security, education, the right to development and self-determination. Non-discrimination on the other hand refers to offering services and taking care of all persons without bias as defined by the Directorate of National Cohesion and values.

Chapter 4 of the Constitution elaborates the right to enjoy fundamental freedoms, including the right to equal political, economic, social and cultural opportunities. In promoting these values at the workplace diligently, the Authority has put in place policies and procedures and taken several measures to ensure service delivery is effective and efficient in a non-discriminatory space. These include the development and implementation of National Irrigation Policy, Human Resource Policy, Complaints Handling and Access to Information procedures.Opportunities to offer services at the Authority are tied to the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and meets the directive on 30 percent AGPO directive.
The Authority has equipped its staff with the knowledge and skills to protect human rights as well as carry out duties without discriminating against either customers or colleagues.

The Authority, through the implementation of its mandate, has created employment opportunities for all Kenyans without bias. Through irrigated agriculture, farmers are able to earn a living and access basic needs such as food, healthcare and housing.

What are you doing in your capacity to promote human rights and non-discrimination? Let us join in the move for we all deserve an equal chance at life.